For over 40 years now we have had a presence on the market with a vast range of new and used agricultural equipment, from the rotary plough to the large-sized tractor, with all the necessary appendages and connections.

In particular, our firm has distinguished itself over the years in the direct importation and sale of Japanese mini tractors (KUBOTA, ISEKI), highly prized machines with great capacity which have flooded our market for several years now.

Here, it should be remembered that we have not just been always involved in selling, but we have over time provisioned a diversified spare parts store that supports our specialised assistance service with maximum speed and efficiency to enhance the service to our customers.

Stocking these mini tractors also required the availability of equipment, therefore we have a vast range of small vehicles made ad hoc for these mini tractors, from cutters, shredders, front blades, trailers, right up to ploughs and front loaders with hydraulic distributor.

Moreover, our family management ensures our maximum presence and availability to the farmer at all times. So when you enter our website you will certainly find the machine you are looking for, and remember that we also have a large fleet of used tractors of all dimensions, power and price.